One Platform

iGameMedia has built a revolutionary streaming platform specifically for the sportsbook market – Our One Platform – A Content aggregation and integration platform delivers all digital sports content provisions through our unified content API, supported with 100% fixture mapping consistency across key content providers.
Reduce Costs: Platform providers have only one integration to manage.
Operational Flexibility: Enables absolute flexibility over how operators present their video.
Unlimited Content: Operators can receive content from rights holders in whatever volumes without incremental costs.
Content Management: Operators manage their own content and tournaments.
Dedicated Support Team: A 24-hour team take full responsibility for managing content and liaising with operators.

iGame has invested strategically in the AI and ML space and as a result we have developed Nexus AI. Nexus AI is iGameMedia’s custom machine learning model which is used to provide a precise link between AV providers data and event creation data for all licenced AV content delivered through the One Platform. Our solution removes the manual, tedious mapping process from our clients, providing our 100% accuracy guarantee eliminates the common mapping errors known today.

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