We work with clients to develop, implement, and manage strategic sportsbook services with a focus on commercial outcomes.


Our ONEPlatform API is the perfect Sportsbook content solution, consolidating all acquired rights holder content into one unified API and delivering outright efficiency for Sportsbooks and platform providers. By consolidating development efforts by an average of 80%, we ensure customers can launch their content offering within days!

iGame manage the full integrations with the main sports content aggregators – Infront Bettor, SportsRadar, StatsPerform, IMG and SportsGenius – providing clients with a complete aggregated content schedule and stream service solution.

Operators manage their own sports content and tournaments. Our solutions easily scale, remove the complexities of sports content management and reduces time to market.
Enables absolute flexibility over how operators present their video by providing either a fully managed player, or a link only solution enabling operators to use their own players in all available formats.
A 24-hour MCR and engineering team take full responsibility for managing your content and liaising with your content providers – a single point of contact, 365 days a year.
Our platform is designed to deliver a cost-effective IP solution for all digital content, with platform management providers have only one integration to manage.
Receive content in whatever volumes, without any further cost, which presents massive opportunities for both rights owners and operators.


iGameMedia has built a revolutionary streaming platform specifically for the sportsbook market. Our ONEPlatform is a content aggregation and integration platform that delivers all digital sports content provisions through our unified content API, supported with 100% fixture mapping consistency across key content providers.

Our ONEMap solution removes the clutter of multiple supplier integrations content mapping into one single easy-to-manage streaming integration supported with complete fixture ID exposure across the board. ONEMap's process is achieved using ML followed by a manual mapping application to ensure 100% accuracy.

This process enables operators to stream the right video and map the right data ID to provide a complete content offering that shows the video stream, with game statistics and betting markets accordingly.

ONEMap, via our ONEPlatform provides 100% accuracy eliminating the common mapping errors of no video, or the wrong video being shown leading to an increase in a customer’s satisfaction and brand reputability.
Nexus is iGameMedia’s custom machine learning model, which is used to provide a precise link between AV provider data and event creation data for all licenced AV content. The mapping process seamlessly integrates with the ONEPlatform.
Platform management providers no longer must internally employ and manage operators to manually map different data sources for events. iGame’s experienced team manage data inconsistencies across all providers to deliver accurate event mappings.
Reporting dashboards display real-time analytics of the mapping process. Users can view this information based on custom date ranges to show the total number of events taken, as well as the total number and percentage of events that have been mapped.

Ultra-Low Latency

A world first for the sports betting market, iGameMedia is leading and challenging the industry standard latency for live-streaming to deliver ROI for the sports betting market and directly challenge and build upon In-Play betting opportunities. Our video solution directly compliments the live data feed latency experienced today, bringing to market a unified experience for your consumers. Our ultra-low latency solution will deliver outright improvements against key streaming metrics like average viewing duration, page retention and viewership.

High availability and reliability from encoding through client connections ensures viewers experience the same frame at the same time. As a consistently reliable service is essential for user satisfaction, monitoring and automated detection and correction of faults is built-in as standard.
iGameMedia utilise a variety of security strategies and tools to ensure content protection against piracy, unauthorised access and unauthorised recordings. Using these technologies, your streams are delivered to your viewers securely, ensuring content integrity and an excellent viewing experience.

Case Study

CLIENT: Kindred / Unibet

Kindred required a seamless video integration and mapping solution that facilitated full control of their own sports content in utilising their new KPS Platform (Kindred Sportsbook Platform), reducing the dependency on services with their current third-party supplier. Additionally, they required the ability to simplify existing technical constraints associated with managing multiple supply chain integrations for their digital content needs and improve content mapping efficiency...

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