Kindred / Unibet

Case Study

Kindred / Unibet

Seamless Video Integration and Content Mapping Solution for Kindred/Unibet

Client Profile:

Client Name: Kindred/Unibet

Industry: Online gambling and sports betting

Location: Malta

Project Overview:

Kindred sought a comprehensive video integration and mapping solution to enhance their new Kindred Sportsbook Platform (KSP) by gaining full control over their sports content. The aim was to minimise reliance on third-party suppliers and simplify the management of multiple supply chain integrations. Additionally, they aimed to improve content mapping efficiency to optimise their digital content offerings.


Kindred, a leading online gambling and sports betting company, faced significant challenges in achieving seamless video integration and efficient content mapping.

These obstacles included dependence on third-party suppliers, complexities in managing multiple supply chain integrations, inefficiencies in content mapping processes, and limited control over their digital content exposure.

To tackle these challenges, Kindred partnered with iGameMedia, seeking a tailored solution to enhance its content management and achieve greater control over its brand’s digital assets.


The primary challenges faced by Kindred included:

  • Dependence on third-party suppliers for video integration and content mapping.
  • Complexities associated with managing multiple supply chain integrations.
  • Inefficiencies in content mapping processes.
  • Limited control over digital content exposure for their established brand.
iGameMedia’s Solution:

iGameMedia provided a comprehensive solution to address Kindred’s challenges in video integration and content mapping. Their solution included the implementation of the ONEPlatform API, a robust sportsbook solution that seamlessly aggregated and integrated all digital content rights into a secure stream.

iGameMedia also consolidated multiple supplier integrations into a single streaming integration, eliminating the reliance on third-party suppliers. Additionally, iGameMedia’s AI-powered mapping engine, ONEMap, was integrated to enhance content mapping efficiency.

The streamlined and consolidated content solution offered by iGameMedia presented a transformative opportunity for Kindred to gain full control over its digital content, improve operational efficiency, and optimise its content offerings.

The key elements of the proposed solution included:

  • Implementation of iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform API, a sportsbook solution that aggregates and integrates all digital content rights into a secure stream.
  • Consolidation of multiple supplier integrations into a single streaming integration, eliminating the dependency on third-party suppliers.
  • Integration of ONEMap, iGameMedia’s AI-powered mapping engine for improved content mapping efficiency.
  • Streamlined content journey through a simplified and consolidated content solution.

The key outcomes and benefits of the solution included:

  • The implementation of iGameMedia’s solution brought several outcomes and benefits to Kindred:
  • Removal of third-party dependency for video integration and content mapping.
  • Streamlined content offering and improved exposure for Kindred’s established brand.
  • Increased content mapping efficiency from 76% to 100% through ONEMap.
  • Unlocking the full potential of Kindred’s digital content portfolio.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.
Key Statistics:

The collaboration between iGameMedia and Kindred/Unibet has led to remarkable accomplishments, evident in the key statistics that highlight the transformative nature of this event, offering an unparalleled and captivating experience for Kindred/Unibet.

  • 30,000 annual live streams
  • 11 million active customers
  • 100% mapping accuracy
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs

iGameMedia’s partnership with Kindred proved to be a game-changer for their sportsbook platform. By leveraging iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform API and ONEMap, AI-powered mapping engine, Kindred gained full control over its sports content, streamlined its offerings, and maximised exposure for its well-established brand. The consolidation of supplier integrations into a single streaming solution resulted in significant efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Moreover, the remarkable increase in content mapping accuracy from 76% to a flawless 100% through ONEMap enhanced the overall quality and reliability of Kindred’s digital content. This solution unlocked the full potential of Kindred’s digital content portfolio, enabling them to deliver an exceptional user experience to its 11 million active customers.

With iGameMedia’s innovative technologies, Kindred is now well-positioned to provide unparalleled betting and entertainment experiences with 30,000 live streams annually.