We provide clients with various end-to-end retail solutions to strategically address business-specific needs to achieve superior performance.


ONERetail is the leading video aggregation and distribution platform specifically designed for the betting retail industry. ONERetail is geared to maximise performance, security, and stability with our unique selling points of delivering video in low latency via a cost-effective solution.

Our platform is designed to deliver a cost-effective IP solution for all digital content gantry displays across live sports, virtuals, games, data, and pricing.

iGameMedia have specialised in the low latency streaming space for decades, servicing 50+ operators worldwide including retail stores. Our solution combines and integrates all components of live video workflow to provide an industry leading platform.
Our ONERetail platform provides our betting retail clients with a fully scalable software solution that consolidates video sources into our existing platform, reducing the overhead of managing multiple independent audio/visual infrastructures.
Receive the highest quality content and experience throughout the broadcast. Our dedicated engineering and support teams monitor and manage content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with safeguard against failures to ensure consistency.

Set-Top Box Solutions

We provide full integration with the best Set-Top-Boxes (STBs) available on the market, as well as offering custom integration to other brands of STBs and subscriber management services.

Our wide experience enables us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that meet our customer’s needs and often surpassing their expectations.

Multimedia Content Formats

Through the ONERetail solution, iGame Media can deliver real-time video, promotional content, marketing displays and much more, enhancing customer engagement and customer retention. ONERetail is backed by a sophisticated multicast IP network distributed via an intelligent MPLS backbone to ensure seamless and uninterrupted HD content delivery.


HD Live

HD Live is a 3Mbps stream delivered with ultra-low latency in 720p high-definition resolution. This is the highest definition feed we offer and gives users the experience to view the stream in the highest possible quality without sacrificing speed.


SD Live

SD Live is a 650Kbps stream delivered with sub-second latency in 576p resolution. This format gives users the ability to view a good-quality stream while maintaining relatively low data usage.


Ultra-Low Latency

Our ultra-low latency streaming solution challenges industry-standard latency for the live-streaming of content in the sportsbook industry. Our solution combines and integrates live video, game statistics and betting markets instantaneously to ensure a seamless, secure and reliable experience for users.



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