Case Study


iGameMedia’s Cost Effective, Flexible and Scalable Solution for DAZN’s Sportsbook Clients

Client Profile:

Client Name: DAZN

Industry: Sports Streaming

Location: Germany and Austria

Project Overview:

In 2021, DAZN approached iGameMedia with a challenge to find a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solution for delivering content to two sportsbook clients, Tipico and Admiral, in Germany and Austria. The primary objective was to ensure that the video content was delivered with the same quality as satellite transmission while maintaining exceptional picture quality.


When DAZN approached iGameMedia with their requirements, they presented a set of formidable challenges that needed to be addressed in order to deliver content effectively to sportsbooks.

The primary objective was to provide a cost-effective solution that could match the delivery standards of satellite transmission while maintaining exceptional picture quality.

However, accomplishing this goal required overcoming multiple hurdles, including the need for scalability, flexibility, low latency, and a seamless user experience.

The primary challenges included:

  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability requirements
  • Delivering video content on par with satellite transmission
  • Maintaining high-picture quality
  • Ensuring low latency for a seamless user experience
iGameMedia’s Solution:

To address the complex challenges posed by DAZN, iGameMedia devised a comprehensive solution that leveraged their expertise in IP streaming technology and meticulous attention to detail.

The key focus was on developing a cost-effective, highly flexible, and scalable solution that could surpass the delivery standards of satellite transmission while maintaining exceptional picture quality. By employing an end-to-end multichannel IP streaming infrastructure and integrating the cutting-edge Amino set-top box, iGameMedia was able to provide DAZN with a robust and seamless content delivery system.

The key elements of the proposed solution included:

  • Development of a scalable IP streaming infrastructure
  • Integration of Amino set-top box for seamless content delivery
  • Optimization of streaming technology to achieve low latency
  • Quality control measures to ensure HD output

The key outcomes and benefits of the solution included:

  • Delivery of up to 12 channels with low latency, faster than satellite transmission
  • HD quality output, ensuring an immersive viewing experience
  • Successful establishment of the service in the market at scale
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability for future growth
  • Cost-effective content delivery for retail sportsbook operators
Key Statistics:
  • 5000+ set-top boxes delivered
  • 1300 retail shops utilising the streaming solution
  • 12 channels in a fully managed, end-to-end multichannel IP streaming solution
  • 34 weekly hours of live content, minimising overlap with other European sports
  • <6 seconds of latency achieved, faster than satellite at HD quality output

The collaboration between DAZN and iGameMedia has resulted in a resounding success, as the challenges of delivering high-quality content to retail sportsbook operators in a cost-effective and scalable manner have been effectively overcome. iGameMedia’s implementation of a fully managed end-to-end multichannel IP streaming solution, powered by the Amino set-top box, has not only met but exceeded the expectations set by DAZN.

The solution’s ability to deliver up to 12 channels at low latency, surpassing satellite transmission speeds, and maintaining HD quality output has revolutionised the content delivery landscape. The establishment of this service in the market at scale showcases the robustness and reliability of iGameMedia’s solution. By providing enhanced flexibility and scalability, the solution has positioned DAZN for future growth and expansion, ensuring its continued success in delivering content to sportsbooks.