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Title / Global Content Acquisition
Our services are both modular and integrated, in that we can tailor our offering to match your specific requirements. Come to us for a single service, or a complete end-to-end solution.

Content Acquisition

Global Content Acquisition

Our extensive broadcast infrastructure provides sports content rights holders with a full technological service solution designed to deliver real-time video encoding and transmission exclusively over IP to all major broadcasters, bookmakers and commercial premises. For the first time ever, sports content rights holders can access multiple sportsbook operators to acquire their content directly, supporting the in-play betting market.

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Technical Infrastructure / Broadcast Capabilities

Technical Infrastructure

Our broadcast infrastructure captures, ingests and delivers multi-format video feeds from sports broadcasters, streaming service providers and other rights holders to from anywhere in the world and simultaneously delivers these exclusively over IP.  iGameMedia enables stakeholders across the industry to cost-effectively deliver broadcast-grade content to and from anywhere in the world.

Broadcast Capabilities

Having replaced every piece of hardware in our global estate, our existing 650kb ultra-low latency video is now matched with a high quality 3mb 720p sub-second latency alternative.

Our ONEOTT application gives users the ability to watch up to four streams simultaneously in various ultra-low latency formats. With over 70,000 live events streamed annually, this is the world's most powerful and comprehensive streaming solution.

Content distribution - ONEPlatform / ONEMap

Content Distribution



iGameMedia has developed a groundbreaking streaming platform tailored for sportsbooks. The ONEPlatform combines content aggregation and integration, utilising our unified content API for seamless delivery of digital sports content. It ensures consistent fixture mapping across major content providers.

Our technical solution offers comprehensive content protection and stability, empowering sportsbook operators to stream content and optimise their in-play market turnover. Rights holders can directly access a broader market and showcase their content to the global sportsbook industry. We have integrated with top industry providers, including direct operator integrations with leading names like Bet365, Entain Group, Betfred and Unibet, among others.

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Platform providers have only one integration. Our fully dedicated iGameMedia team with decades of experience is always ready to troubleshoot and manage day to day schedules, code changes and event mapping.
Enables absolute flexibility over how operators present their video by providing either a fully managed player or a link only solution, enabling operators to use their own players in all available formats.
A 24-hour MCR and engineering team take full responsibility for managing your content and liaising with your content providers - a single point of contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Operators manage their own content and tournaments. Our solutions easily scale, remove the complexities of sports content management and reduce time to market.
Operators can receive content from providers in whatever volumes, as little or as much without any further cost which presents massive opportunities for both rights owners and betting operators.

ONEMap's Proprietary AI Model

iGameMedia has invested strategically in the AI and ML space and as a result, we have developed ONEMap AI, iGameMedia’s custom machine learning model which is used to provide a precise link between AV providers' data and event creation data for all licensed AV content delivered through the ONEPlatform. Our solution removes the manual, tedious mapping process from our clients, providing our 100% accuracy guarantee that eliminates the common mapping errors known today.

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Content / Reporting / CMS

Content Protection 

Our content protection services are optimised by the industry to deliver end-to-end solutions for the design, management, and administration of securing digital content to prevent unauthorised use from E2E API security, playback DRM, digital watermarking, geo-restrictions and monitored streaming services 24/7.

Reporting Analytics

Our data analytics solution provides traffic reporting from rights holders' content – and through the use of AI and machine learning – generates essential analytics on usage behaviour, market trends, popularity and seasonal variation. Extract more value from your content portfolio with clear and actionable insights.

Content CMS

Our bespoke CMS offers direct exposure to sporting rights and insights to the sportsbook market. Our content marketplace offers a sophisticated, direct-to-market solution – combining our AI and ML pricing engine – presenting rights holders with a perfect solution for operator demand across key markets.

INFRONT Case Study

Case Study

CLIENT: Infront

Infront are long-established in the rights acquisition sector, giving them the opportunity to secure official betting rights exclusively for the watch and bet market. Aligned with their wider business strategy in establishing themselves firmly in the betting space, they required a technical platform solution to reach their respective customers...

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