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We provide clients various end-to-end trading services to strategically address business-specific needs to achieve superior business performance.

iGameMedia's ONEOTT application is a video streaming service which delivers direct feeds from sporting rights holders worldwide into a centralised platform of high definition, sub-second latency live sports events.
The ONEOTT application gives users the ability to watch up to four streams simultaneously in various sub-second latency formats. With tens of thousands of events streamed annually, this is the world’s most powerful and comprehensive streaming & trading product.
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iGameMedia has specialised in the sub-second latency streaming space for decades, servicing 50+ operators worldwide in meeting the needs for several real-time trading platforms that support the in-play market offering.
iGameMedia offers the ability to remote host and distribute clients own AV content, including custom security controls pertaining to its access, bolstered by our remote-control functionality, providing a truly dedicated service for our clients.
Clients are now able to monitor real-time reporting against match consumption and utilisation across its users through our sophisticated UI ensuring maximum utilisation over all trading activities.
Designed to ensure maximum control to authorised users offering clients multiple methods that safeguards their access, including device restriction and session-based security.
A fully scalable software solution that consolidates clients' own video sources into our existing platform, reducing the overhead of managing independent audio/visual infrastructures.
Providing users with the ability to verify live video within seconds, supporting faster bet settlement and market uptime and drives the player props market offering on player-based betting.
Multicast Video Display / Streaming Formats HD SD / Comprehensive Video Archive

Multicast Video Display
Our ONEOTT application delivers a multicast video display solution that produces multiple display capabilities across an office’s TV displays and video network, providing a fully managed content control solution via the ONEOTT application with ease.
The 'Live Review' feature is a 3Mbps stream delivered in 720p high-definition resolution via HLS. Users can rewind the stream to any timestamp; rewind and fast-forward by a set number of seconds (2, 7 or 30); set the video into rewind mode; move the video frame by frame; and alter the playback speed of the video from 0.1x up to 8x.

Live Video Streaming Formats

HD Live
HD Live is a 3Mbps stream delivered with sub-second latency in 720p high-definition resolution. This is the highest definition feed we offer and gives users the ability to view the stream in the highest possible quality without sacrificing speed.

SD Live
SD Live is a 650Kbps stream delivered with sub-second latency in 576p resolution. This format gives users the ability to view a good-quality stream while maintaining relatively low data usage.

Comprehensive Video Archive
iGameMedia offers clients the ability to download recorded content in high-resolution that delivers outright video clarity for settlement and integrity purposes instantly and suitable for any archiving and video editing needs. Our platform also offers the added ability of being able to download the full schedule of events in your preferred format (PDF, CSV, XML, and JSON) to assist with schedule integration.
Office Gantry Display

Office Gantry Display
iGameMedia offers the ability to host, transcode and render clients' acquired content from their own set-top box subscriptions, delivered in ultra-high resolution (8Mbps/H264) with assured latency up to 700ms.

Our solution streamlines the content viewing process through the ONEOTT application, allowing full control of the channel access by using our intuitive remote-control interface, allowing clients to stream content within their office and TV wall displays.


iGameMedia provides the ability to view real-time usage activity, delivering statistical analysis on usage trends, content consumption, rendering formats, viewing durations, country locations and league consumption activity. Reporting captures each user individually, ensuring details metric capture pertaining to our clients and content choices for trading aspects.
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Sporting Solutions Case Study

Case Study

CLIENT: Sporting Solutions

Sporting Solutions required a complete IP video delivery and hosting solution to support their internal investment within their trading offices in the UK. Utilising iGameMedia’s revolutionary ONEOTT application, which has been developed to meet the growing needs of the global trading floors, has allowed Sporting Solutions to realise their objectives…

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