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Case Study

Sporting Solutions

Enhancing Sporting Solutions’ Trading Office Operations with iGameMedia’s ONEOTT Platform

Client Profile:

Client Name: Sporting Solutions

Industry: Sports Trading

Location: United Kingdom

Project Overview:

Sporting Solutions, a prominent sports trading company in the UK, sought to optimise its internal investment by implementing a comprehensive IP video delivery and hosting solution.

To achieve their goals, they partnered with iGameMedia, a leading provider of the revolutionary ONEOTT Platform designed to cater to the evolving needs of global trading floors. By leveraging iGameMedia’s innovative solution, Sporting Solutions aimed to streamline its operations and enhance its trading office efficiency.


Sporting Solutions recognised that relying on a traditional linear and cumbersome AV infrastructure would impede progress. They approached iGameMedia to explore the possibilities of remotely hosting and managing their existing AV infrastructure, digitising it, and transitioning to a highly scalable IP solution.

The primary challenges included:

  • Overcoming the limitations of a linear AV infrastructure
  • Digitising and remotely managing AV infrastructure
  • Ensuring high-quality real-time streaming with minimal delay
  • Enabling remote control of set-top boxes
  • Displaying content on TVs and Gantry screens within Sporting Solutions’ offices
  • Enabling secure access via VPN for remote employees
iGameMedia’s Solution:

iGameMedia proposed a tailored solution that granted Sporting Solutions licensed access to their advanced ONEOTT platform while incorporating specific enhancements aligned with the client’s requirements.

The key elements of the proposed solution included:

  • Hosted and Managed Set-Top Boxes: iGameMedia would host and manage ten set-top boxes. Each box’s output would be transcoded into a high-resolution 8Mbps H.264 real-time stream. The solution ensured a maximum delay of 700ms.
  • Remote Control via Intuitive OTT Software: Sporting Solutions gained the ability to remotely control each set-top box. iGameMedia’s intuitive OTT software facilitated seamless management and monitoring.
  • Integration with Office Displays: Technical integration allowed the distribution of content across TVs and Gantry screens within Sporting Solutions’ offices. Employees could stay up to date with relevant information and live events.
  • Secure Access for Home Working: Authorised Sporting Solutions users could securely access the service via VPN. This enabled remote employees to work from home while maintaining connectivity.

The solution delivered streamlined AV infrastructure, high-quality real-time streaming, remote control and management, seamless integration with office displays, and secure remote access. Sporting Solutions experienced enhanced operational efficiency, optimal video quality, efficient monitoring, easy access to information, and secure remote working.

The key outcomes and benefits of the solution included:

  • Streamlined AV Infrastructure: Transitioning from a linear AV infrastructure to a digitised IP solution eliminated cumbersome processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • High-Quality Real-Time Streaming: The transcoding of set-top box output into high-res 8Mbps H.264 streams ensured optimal video quality. The maximum delay of 700ms provided real-time access to crucial information.
  • Remote Control and Management: Sporting Solutions gained complete control over their set-top boxes through iGameMedia’s intuitive OTT software. Remote management enabled efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Seamless Integration with Office Displays: The content was seamlessly displayed on TVs and Gantry screens within Sporting Solutions’ offices, ensuring easy access to vital information.
  • Secure Remote Access: Authorised employees could securely access the ONEOTT platform via VPN, enabling efficient remote working.
Key Statistics:

These key statistics reflect the positive outcomes and benefits achieved by Sporting Solutions through their collaboration with iGameMedia, emphasising their growth, operational improvements, and commitment to delivering high-quality services in the sports trading industry.

  • Client base expansion: Sporting Solutions expanded its client base to include 50+ clients, showcasing the trust and confidence placed in their services and the success of the partnership with iGameMedia.
  • User reach: The implementation of iGameMedia’s ONEOTT platform enabled Sporting Solutions to cater to the needs of 4,500+ users, ensuring seamless access to crucial information and live events.
  • Extensive live event coverage: Sporting Solutions provided coverage for over 70,000 live events, demonstrating the scalability and reliability of the iGameMedia solution in delivering real-time streaming of sports events.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: The transition from a linear AV infrastructure to a digitized IP solution streamlined Sporting Solutions’ AV infrastructure, resulting in improved operational efficiency and smoother trading office operations.
  • Remote control and management: Sporting Solutions gained complete control over their set-top boxes through iGameMedia’s intuitive OTT software, enabling efficient remote management, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Seamless integration with office displays: Content was seamlessly distributed and displayed on TVs and Gantry screens within Sporting Solutions’ offices, providing easy access to relevant information and contributing to a collaborative work environment.

The partnership between Sporting Solutions and iGameMedia proved to be highly successful in enhancing Sporting Solutions’ trading office operations. By leveraging iGameMedia’s ONEOTT platform and tailored enhancements, Sporting Solutions overcame the challenges posed by a linear AV infrastructure and achieved remarkable results. Overall, the collaboration between Sporting Solutions and iGameMedia resulted in a transformed trading office operation.

Sporting Solutions successfully optimised its internal investment, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively in the fast-paced sports trading industry. The improved flexibility and scalability offered by the iGameMedia ONEOTT platform have positioned Sporting Solutions as a thought leader in the sports betting industry, reinforcing its commitment to continuous innovation and unparalleled service delivery.