Case Study


iGameMedia Delivers Real-Time Streaming and Data Solutions for MODUS Super Series

Client Profile:

Client Name: MODUS Super Series

Industry: Sports and Events Management

Location: Portsmouth, UK

Project Overview:

MODUS, a world-leading player agency representing the world’s top darts professionals, required a streaming solution to introduce a new professional darts league to the sports betting and broadcast space. Initially conceived during COVID as a play-at-home competition, the vision was to establish a fully produced solution with broadcast-grade cameras and technology in a purpose-built facility.

iGameMedia partnered with MODUS to create the MODUS Super Series and deliver advanced technical solutions for the sportsbook and broadcast domains. The collaborative project focused on providing an agile and real-time streaming and data solution for the MODUS Super Series Darts Tournament. By combining IGM’s technical expertise and strategic planning, the MODUS Super Series was successfully launched in 2022, making it the second-largest darts tournament in the world.


As part of the collaboration between iGameMedia and the MODUS Super Series, it was essential to deliver a robust streaming and data solution that is crucial for the Sportsbook and Broadcast market.

This involved creating and integrating a real-time data feed, including a collection client for data and a distribution API suitable for the betting market, to drive the InPlay betting product. Additionally, it required the development and implementation of an on-screen graphics solution to enhance the viewer experience, as well as an overall video and encoding solution that operates purely over IP, providing an agile market access solution that meets client requirements.

By combining technical expertise, strategic planning, and innovation, we aimed to ensure the project’s success and meet market requirements.


The primary challenges included:

  • Integrating a real-time data feed for the betting market, while also providing engaging broadcast graphics and comprehensive statistics.
  • Developing and creating a data collection client to capture players’ activities during matches.
  • Maximising the efficiency of data delivery to enable swift in-play turnover, ensuring timely updates for betting odds and market responsiveness.
  • Developing an API to capture and deliver real-time data captured from the collection client, maximising the efficiency of data delivery to enhance in-play market offerings and prices.
iGameMedia’s Solution:

iGameMedia provided tailored solutions to address the challenges faced during the Modus Super Series darts tournament, focusing on data management, viewer experience enhancement, and betting optimisation. These solutions transformed the tournament by offering efficient data management, engaging on-screen graphics, and seamless integration with the betting market.

Key solutions implemented by iGameMedia included:

  • iGameMedia Data Collection Application: A custom-designed tool enabling end-to-end management of the darts competitions, including event creation, data entry, score recording, on-screen production graphics, and social media output.
  • Cloud-based Web Application: An intuitive web application allowing seamless score input, on-screen scoreboard updates, and real-time data delivery to betting markets. Its cloud-based nature provided accessibility and flexibility for the production team.
  • Push Feed and Push Notification Solution: A dynamic push notification system delivering real-time data points for each dart thrown. This solution allowed clients to trade on numerous matches, maximising betting opportunities. Data was collected directly from the venue through approved PDC scouts for accuracy and timeliness.
  • Modified Gameplay Format: iGameMedia introduced a tailored gameplay format designed specifically for betting markets, incorporating a bet delay between legs to optimise market uptime and enhance the betting experience.
  • Darts API: A specialised API developed by iGameMedia to streamline data access and provide comprehensive information. It enabled queries for fixtures and results, detailed match information, and precise settlement of betting markets, serving as a reliable interface for accessing essential data.

The integration of captivating on-screen graphics, comprehensive data coverage, and real-time feeds brought forth a truly remarkable solution, enhancing both the betting market and the viewer experience in ways never seen before.

The key outcomes and benefits of the solution included:

  • The real-time data feed revolutionises the betting market by providing up-to-the-minute information, enabling traders to efficiently navigate and capitalise on betting opportunities with maximum precision and profitability.
  • Seamlessly integrating the data feed with mainstream darts competitions is a key priority, ensuring that clients receive the expected level of data quality, while viewers enjoy a cohesive and immersive experience.
  • On-screen graphics take the viewer experience to new heights, presenting a comprehensive array of game and player performance information. From scoreboards and live statistics to league tables and match insights, viewers are equipped with the complete picture.
  • By integrating real-time data with engaging graphics, the platform creates a dynamic and captivating viewing environment. Viewers are transported into the heart of the action, immersed in a world where data and visuals harmoniously converge.
  • The iGameMedia Data Collection Application takes data management to the next level, meticulously recording over 7.5 million data points annually for more than 5,000 darts matches within the MODUS Super Series.
  • The video content has garnered a staggering weekly viewership of over 200,000 across prominent platforms such as bet365 and YouTube. It ensures the seamless delivery of real-time data, maximising opportunities for betting operators and viewers alike.
Key Statistics:

The collaboration between iGameMedia and MODUS Super Series has led to remarkable accomplishments, evident in the key statistics that highlight the transformative nature of this event, offering an unparalleled and captivating experience.

  • HD-grade quality output delivered via IP technology.
  • 34 weekly hours of live content, minimising overlap with other European sports.
  • iGameMedia Data Collection App records 7.5 million data points per year for 5200+ matches.
  • 7x multi-camera broadcast with full graphics package for an immersive experience.
  • English commentary for all matches, with optional local language commentary.
  • Video content attracts 200,000+ weekly viewers on bet365 and YouTube.

Viewer Surge

The graph below illustrates the remarkable growth in viewership for the MODUS Super Series Darts Tournament since its inception and showcases how the collaborative success between MODUS and iGameMedia has transformed it into the world’s second-largest darts event through advanced streaming and data solutions.


The collaboration between iGameMedia and MODUS Super Series has created an exceptional real-time streaming and data solution for the darts tournament. By addressing the challenges of delivering a real-time data feed for the betting market and creating captivating on-screen graphics, the project has achieved significant outcomes and benefits.

The implementation of a customised data collection application and push notification solution has ensured seamless match event flow, enabling efficient trading and maximising betting opportunities. The modified gameplay format tailored for betting markets, combined with the dedicated Darts API, has facilitated precise settlement of betting markets and improved market uptime for operators.

The integration of on-screen graphics presenting game and player performance, including scoreboards, live statistics, league tables, and match insights, has greatly enhanced the viewer experience. This has resulted in an engaging and informative broadcast that has captivated a global audience. Through these technical solutions, the MODUS Super Series has expanded its reach and delivered high-quality content to fans worldwide.