Stats Perform

Case Study

Stats Perform

A Cost-Effective, Flexible and Scalable Video Solution for Stats Perform

Client Profile:

Client Name: Stats Perform

Industry: Live Sports Content and Data Services

Location: Global

Project Overview:

In 2020 Stats Perform presented iGameMedia with a challenge: to identify a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for directly managing its acquired betting video rights. The requirement entailed achieving complete access and effective delivery management of content from diverse global sources.


When Stats Perform approached iGameMedia with their requirements, they outlined a comprehensive set of primary needs. These needs aimed to manage and safeguard their betting video rights with concurrently achieving a direct cost reduction through the outsourcing of their content access to a third party.

The primary challenges included:

  • Delivering a cost-effective and scalable solution
  • Ensuring seamless scalability for real-time video access from a global estate.
  • Upholding a consistent high-picture quality standard throughout the content distribution process.
iGameMedia’s Solution:

Our primary objective revolved around delivering operational efficiency that streamlined Stats Perform’s video requirements resulting in outright cost-savings being achieved by leveraging the pre-existing iGameMedia technical AV infrastructure.

The key elements of the proposed solution included:

  • Technical efficiency by utilising iGameMedia’s dedicated Satellite, IP and BT Tower access and infrastructure
  • Operational efficiency achieved via a dedicated content booking process for effective fixture management and delivery
  • Pro-active content monitoring that maintains outright Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Dedicated supplier management framework that maintains strategic partnerships with key production companies
Key Statistics:

These key statistics reflect the positive outcomes and benefits that Stats Perform has achieved through its collaboration with iGameMedia. They emphasise Stats Perform’s growth, operational improvements and commitment to delivering high-quality video services.

  • 10,000+ hours of live content access and management
  • Multiple broadcast production supplier management, globally
  • Top-tier content management success for the likes of La Liga and Wimbledon
  • 4,000 events managed annually

The collaboration between Stats Perform and iGameMedia has yielded resounding success. The challenges of reducing operational expenditure while retaining access to high-quality content, to support their business requirements in a cost-effective and scalable manner have been effectively addressed. This has led to improvements in their operational efficiency and increased margins.