Direct to Market Solution

For the first time ever, sports content rights holders can access multiple sportsbook operators to acquire their content directly supporting the inPlay betting experience. Our One Platform API is utilised by the global sportsbook operators providing technical simplicity to access all digital sports streaming content.

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Solutions Overview

Our solution combines direct feeds from sporting rights holders into a centralised platform of high definition, ultra-low latency live sports events directly to sportsbook operators. iGameMedia have created a robust and unified delivery platform that provides Rights Holders a content gateway solution directly to the sportsbook and commercial premises market.

Our technical provision provides a full suite of content protection and stability to allow sportsbook operators to stream content and maximize their turnover within the inPlay market offering.

Overview flex
Market Access and Reach

Rights holders can reach more of the market directly and get their content rights in front of the global sportsbook industry. We have integrated against all the industry’s leading providers, including having direct operator integrations with Bet365, Entain Group, Betfred, and Unibet to name a few.

Content Protection

Our Digital Rights Management services are optimised by industry to deliver end-to-end solutions for the design, management, and administration of securing digital content to prevent unauthorized use and piracy.

Monitoring and Failover

You can be assured that sportsbook operators and their viewers are receiving the highest quality content and experience throughout the broadcast journey from initial acquisition right through to viewer consumption. iGame monitors and manages content 24 hours a day, seven days a week across our network, with backups in place to safeguard against electrical failure or internet outages to make sure the service never drops.



Learn more about iGame and how our partners and clients are utilising our technical solutions to innovate and accelerate their growth within the industry. Our clients see us as partners working with them to elevate their business performance and get the best possible return on their investment. See below for an idea of the clients we are proud to have worked with.

Case Study

Infront Case Study

8,000  Live Events   |   18,000 Hours of Live Content

Infront Media have a long-established presence in the Rights acquisition space, which has afforded them the opportunity to secure official Betting Rights exclusively for the Watch and Bet market.
Aligned to their wider business strategy in establishing themselves firmly in the betting space, they required a technical platform solution to reach their respective customers.
iGame’s technical infrastructure has built to support any form of video decryption or source video, allowing us to be established as a key technical partner in the Rights Holder space.
Our experience within the digital Broadcast, Sportsbook & Ultra Low Latency streaming market has allowed Infront to realize their own strategic potential in utilising iGame’s technical & content acquisition capabilities to deliver low latency encoding and distribution services suitable for the sportsbook space.
By utilising iGame’s sophisticated streaming platform API (One Platform) that unifies Sportsbook operators integration efforts from respective Content Rights owners into One universal solution has afforded Infront the ability to offer a market ready streaming solution, which is further supported through our One Map AI technology.