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iGameMedia's Ultra Low Latency Streaming Services for the Sportsbook Market
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Revolutionising Sports Streaming for the Sportsbook Market

iGameMedia, the leading B2B ultra-low latency sports platform provider, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with THEO Technologies. Together, we are revolutionising the sportsbook market by bringing ultra-low latency sports streaming as the new standard, phasing out HLS. 

This transformative offering delivers an unparalleled sports betting experience, offering real-time, immersive action to sports enthusiasts worldwide. Prepare for a seamless and lightning-fast platform that redefines the boundaries of sports streaming.


iGameMedia’s innovative ONEPlatform utilises a single API that seamlessly integrates with all major betting rights holders and aggregators. By mapping multiple vendor event IDs into a unified singular ID, the platform offers a streamlined and simplified integration process. 

Moreover, the entire content portfolio is delivered with ultra-low latency as the standard across the platform. The iGame ONEPlatform sets a new benchmark in sports streaming, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for delivering top-quality sports content in real-time.

ONEMap – an extension of ONEPlatform – utilises innovative technology to seamlessly connect AV provider data with event creation information, guaranteeing flawless delivery of licensed AV content. Its proprietary AI model, using advanced algorithms and machine learning, ensures precise linking of event creation IDs. This enhances reliability and cost-effectiveness for ONEPlatform users, optimising content delivery.

ONEPlatform API

Laser Focus on Customisation:
What sets ONEPlatform apart is its laser focus on delivering the exact functionality you require, without burdening you with unnecessary features or complexity. By streamlining our API methods, we ensure that you have complete control over your streaming goals, enabling you to tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Seamless Integration with all major betting rights holders and aggregators:
Seeking to incorporate streams from top-tier suppliers worldwide? Look no further than our ONEPlatform API. With just a few simple API calls, you can effortlessly achieve your streaming objectives, saving valuable time and allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters: providing an exceptional sports betting experience to your users.


Enhanced Reliability and Accuracy:
Experience cutting-edge technology that flawlessly connects AV provider data and event creation information for precise content delivery. Powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, ONEMap establishes accurate links on ONEPlatform, eliminating errors and enhancing customer satisfaction. Boost your brand’s reputation with 100% accuracy.

Streamlined Operations and Cost Reduction:
ONEMap simplifies content delivery, integrating AV provider data and event creation info. With advanced algorithms and machine learning, it supports multiple providers, ensures reliability, and reduces costs. Streamline processes, eliminate dedicated resources, and allocate them strategically. Focus on delivering exceptional AV experiences while benefiting from continuous improvement and optimisation.

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ONEPlatform offers customisation and seamless integration of all major betting rights holders and aggregators, while ONEMap, an extension of ONEPlatform, provides enhanced reliability and accuracy as well as streamlined operations and cost reduction.

The challenge of HLS
The Challenge of HLS

The world of sports streaming has long grappled with the challenge of high latency when using HLS-based segment sports streaming technology. Traditionally, average latency in sports streaming using HLS has hovered around 7 to 9 seconds, significantly impacting the real-time user experience.

Compounding this issue, pricing data feeds that drive sports betting markets move at a much faster pace, typically within 1 to 2 seconds. This discrepancy diminishes the usefulness of video feeds in the fast-paced sports betting environment.

To address this critical challenge, iGameMedia has developed a groundbreaking solution. Our technology ensures a fixed latency of just 2 seconds from source, significantly enhancing the user experience. By narrowing the gap between pricing data feeds and video streams, we deliver synchronised and up-to-date content in real-time.

With our 2-second fixed latency, iGameMedia leads the way in transforming sports streaming, revolutionising how sports content is consumed. Users can now engage seamlessly with live events, make informed betting decisions, and fully immerse themselves in the excitement of the game.

HLS Challenges at-a-glance
  • Traditional HLS-based segment sports streaming has 7-9 seconds of latency, impacting real-time user experience.
  • Faster pricing data feeds in sports betting move within 1-2 seconds, exacerbating the issue.
  • The discrepancy in latency reduces the effectiveness of video feeds in fast-paced sports betting.

The ultra low latency solution
The Ultra-Low Latency Solution

iGameMedia’s partnership with THEO Technologies enables ultra-low latency at scale with HESP (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol). Our solution seamlessly integrates segment-based streaming with existing CDNs, delivering scalable and high-quality performance tailored for InPlay betting users.

Our system incorporates advanced adaptive bitrate streaming, which dynamically adjusts the video quality in real-time for optimal playback. It can adapt to challenging network conditions in just 1/25th of a second.

While our technology is capable of achieving sub-second streaming, we have intentionally implemented a fixed 2-second latency. This deliberate choice maintains synchronisation between the video and market data, enabling users to make precise decisions based on real-time information.

The seamless integration of segment-based streaming, adaptive bitrate streaming, and real-time data delivery ensures optimal quality and responsiveness for users engaged in InPlay betting.

ULL Solution at-a-glance
  • iGameMedia partners with THEO to deliver a fixed 2-second latency at scale, using HESP technology.
  • Seamless integration of segment-based streaming with HLS-oriented CDNs for scalability and quality.
  • The Seamless Video and Data solution enhances InPlay betting with combined video streaming and real-time data delivery.
  • Advanced adaptive bitrate streaming in just 1/25th of a second – an instant response to network conditions.
Transforming Sportsbook operations
Transforming Sportsbook Operations

With iGameMedia, Sportsbooks can confidently reach and captivate a wider audience, without compromising performance or sacrificing quality. 

By dynamically adapting to viewer environments, and scaling seamlessly over HTTP for popular platforms and devices, Sportsbooks can maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced realm of sports streaming.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that viewers enjoy sports content in near real-time, eliminating the frustration of delayed or out-of-sync streams. By dynamically adapting to viewer environments, we optimise bandwidth usage, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. 

Stay ahead of the competition, captivate your audience,
and elevate your sports streaming experience to new heights.


Real-time streaming with near-zero delays, providing an immersive and immediate viewing experience.
Flawless sync in live sports streaming, eliminating disruptions for heightened viewer engagement.
Near real-time updates and seamless streaming for optimal viewer participation and excitement in betting.
Longer watch times, creating an immersive environment for live events and increased viewer engagement.
Enhancing The Viewer Experience
Enhancing The Viewer Experience

The market split between mobile and desktop streaming has shifted significantly in recent years, with mobile streaming taking the lead, driven by the convenience they offer for on-the-go entertainment.

Ultra-low latency streaming enables instant access to live sports content, enhancing user satisfaction. By minimising delays, it ensures near real-time content delivery, creating an immersive experience.

Recent studies highlight the crucial role of ultra-low latency streaming in attracting and retaining viewers in the sportsbook market. Online platforms that offer near real-time streams effectively cater to an audience valuing immediacy, increasing the likelihood of viewers choosing them for live sports consumption.

Info point Mobile Users

In recent years, mobile streaming has overtaken desktop streaming as the dominant market force, fueled by the convenience of on-the-go entertainment.

ULL IGM THEO Testimonials

We take pride in presenting you with testimonials from key figures in the field. Hear from professionals like Mike Cobain, Chief Executive of iGameMedia, who expresses his enthusiasm about our partnership and the emergence of a viable B2C solution. Discover how Steven Tielemans, CEO of THEO Technologies, considers our offerings as a game-changer for the sports betting industry. Additionally, we are thrilled to showcase the testimonial from bet365, the world’s largest sportsbook, emphasising their delight in providing the ultimate in-play customer experience.


Case Study

CLIENT: bet365

In a transformative project, bet365, the world's largest sportsbook, partnered with iGameMedia, a leader in B2B ultra-low latency solutions, to revolutionise In-Play betting. Emphasising real-time streaming, the collaboration integrated THEO Technologies' HESP protocol and iGameMedia's ONEPlatform API to deliver sub-second latency content

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