Kindred required a seamless video integration and mapping solution that facilitated full control of their own sports content in utilising their new KPS Platform (Kindred Sportsbook Platform) reducing the dependency of services with their current third-party supplier. Additionally, they required the ability to simplify existing technical constraints associated with managing multiple supply chain integrations for their digital content needs and improve content mapping efficiency.

iGameMedia’s ONEPlatform API is the ideal sportsbook solution for Kindred. By aggregating and integrating all digital content rights into one secure stream, Kindred streamlined their content offering and maximised content exposure for their key, established brand – Unibet.

The solution removed their third-party dependency, consolidated multiple supplier integrations into one single streaming integration that delivers streaming and data mapping efficiencies from 76% to 100% through iGameMedia’s AI powered mapping engine.

Our simple consolidated content solution, has streamlined the entire content journey, enabling Kindred to unlock the full potential of their digital content portfolio whilst improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.