Sporting Solutions required a complete IP video delivery and hosting solution to support their internal investment within their trading offices in the UK. Utilising iGameMedia’s revolutionary ONEOTT platform – which has been developed to meet the growing needs of the global trading floors – has allowed Sporting Solutions to realise their objectives.

A view was taken that having a linear and cumbersome AV (Audio/Video) infrastructure is a regressive and non-progressive step. Having consulted with iGameMedia about the potential of remotely hosting and managing their existing AV infrastructure – digitising it and providing a highly scalable future-proof IP solution met their needs.

Our proposal provided licenced access to ONEOTT, with additional customised enhancements specific to Sporting Solutions:

  • iGameMedia to host and manage 10 set-top boxes and to transcode the output of each box into a high-res 8Mbps H.264 real-time stream with a delay no greater than 700ms.
  • Provide Sporting Solutions with the ability to control each of these boxes remotely via our intuitive OTT software.
  • Provide technical means whereby all of the above content is made available on the TVs and gantry screens in Sporting Solutions offices.
  • Enable authorised Sporting Solutions users to access the service via VPN to enable home working.

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